Florence 1998. Andrea Sensoli embarked on his incredible journey and planted the seeds of architectural firms ASZ Architetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*.

Lacopo Mannelli and Andrea Rettori formed a partnership. They merged with elegant fluidity the two forward-thinking companies to create one diversified office that could produce excellent designs with impeccable execution. Together, they breathe life into unique, innovative concepts and ideas that intertwine with exquisite execution, design and construction expertise.

The ASZ Architetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* teams possess knowhow on traditional engineering competences. The latest industry knowledge and technology affords them extraordinary attention to detail.

Their holistic approach allows them to seamlessly blend historical and cultural elements with futuristic designs that will leave them with a rich and varied legacy. ASZ Architetti created a portfolio of activities to sustain core interests and has always been integral to Andrea’s vision.

ASZ Architetti is the architectural pioneer in the luxury retail industry. They have set very high standards across Europe and the GCC for their service models in luxury retail. They have collaborated on hundreds of projects with some of the finest names in the industry, such as LVMH, Gucci, Cartier, Tiffany, Prada and Burberry.

ASZ Architetti has exceptional influence in the modelling processes in luxury retail design and is recognised easily throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Numerous consultants are imitating this knowledge and competences.

Not much has changed in 22 years since for formation of ASZ Architetti. They remain the same innovative and futuristic design firm that they set out to be. Sensoli has always been ahead of his time, and the partnership has only enhanced his vision.

Their four keys to success are:

  • Creative philosophy
  • Production methods
  • Business model
  • The team and the supremacy of the office dynamics

Sensoli considers sustainability as a huge matter of importance and understands the alliance that ecologically-friendly architecture has with man and nature. Since qualifying, he has focussed on the intelligent three-dimensional modelling that would replace the traditional maquette. He controls with verve the design from the beginning phases through to completion. He has an unchallenged and extensive understanding of building information modelling. He used various multimedia forms and projected them onto a mega-screen with voluble sound to showcase his designs with dynamic 3D representation.

ASZ Architetti always had an innate understanding of intelligent cross-contamination disciplines,  as well as globalisation of the business structure, and the effects they have in architectural design and services in a changing world.

As ASZ Architetti evolved, Sensoli created SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*. 2015 saw the division of the sister companies and the introduction of the creative lab that functions as a separate division for all global design and creative exercises. The implementation of SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* allows ASZ Architetti to sharpen their focus on project management and integrated planning projects.

Sensoli and ASZ Architetti have immense pride in their team; they all share the maniacal approach to precision and have created a smooth and streamlined working culture that allows them to complete projects on time and within budget, every time. The office dynamics are incomparable and cultivational.  Partner and group intentions are the same; Sensoli nurtures his team and allows them to be their very best. Their DNA is holistic, and they work in close association with their network partners through each stage of the project.

ASZ Architetti quickly proved that their proactive and dynamic enterprise delivered prompt and flexible services. Their digital-savvy edge continues to bolster their relationships with their global clients and stay ahead of their competitors.

Looking to the future, ASZ Architetti is taking their chances to keep a clean edge over its competitors. Their gritty and blinkered determination will allow them to continue cultivating their innate passion for architecture and to revolutionise private and shared spaces. Access to hi-tech modelling techniques, the latest design technology and virtual reality make the flawless execution of ideas possible. 

Sensoli still leads the group with the same unwavering vigour since conception; he and his team will always alter and grow with the times.

During the unprecedented times of global financial instability, ASZ Group considers smart ways of working in a more quantifiable manner. The holistic approach allows them to explore an all-inclusive service that encompasses tender and project management, procurement, design and building information modelling development, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and construction supervision.

The comprehensive and multifaceted collection of provisions will allow clients to keep putting trust into one team of specialists that guarantee timely delivery of each project with a sensitivity to budget.

Most importantly and at the core of the company, the ASZ Architetti team retains their enthusiasm with a fresh approach. Together they enjoy their working environment and find endless rewards in their daily activities.

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