With each passing day, we approach the well-awaited Expo 2020, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to considering how the region is preparing itself for new developments in the domains of technology and architecture.

With an impressive portfolio that includes numerous luxury retail projects in the Middle East, ASZarchitetti is at the forefront of big things that are yet to make a debut in the industry.

Retail & Hospitality Summit

The event took place on September 30 at the Oberoi Hotel Business Bay in Dubai with an aim to develop new architectural perspectives. With a tagline like ‘Creating Destinations’, the summit aimed to discuss the potential for creating new hospitality ventures that would largely contribute to the development sector. Research shows that the retail and hospitality domain has been the country’s fastest-growing for the last 15 years.

Considering how the upcoming Expo 2020 will draw in tens of millions of visitors to the UAE with the excitement of viewing new advances, we’ll need to match hospitality demands with a robust supply. The summit was a great means for ASZarchitetti to communicate and build extensive networks with designers and contractors.

Having just attended the Retail & Hospitality Construction Summit, we understand that the market for hotel projects in the GCC is expected to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. Keeping this in mind, developers have shown interest in creating multi-purpose projects that combine residential, retail, entertainment, and hospitality elements.

ASZarchitetti will be working on many of these because of our experience in creating engaging retail spaces, as well as unique residential ones. In this case, however, the final product will need to be an implementation of our progressive, sustainable, and eclectic philosophies.

The region’s biggest names involved with development, construction, and architecture attended panel discussions. This was to debate and discuss the main challenges our industry faces and how we will need to face them in order to meet rising demand.

ASZarchitetti and Expo 2020 Dubai – Preparing for the Future

The upcoming Expo 2020 will take place over a span of 173 days, each of which will bring a whole new experience to spectators. It will provide the opportunity for ASZarchitetti to implement their forward-thinking ideas by collaborating with other experts in the field.

It’s expected that around 20 million people will attend the 2020 Expo and this is one of the biggest events of its kind. Why? Because it’s expected to be the most sustainable expo to date. All upcoming projects that are in progress will need to abide by the sustainability theme. At the same time, they also have to implement a unique architectural style with contemporary interior design.

ASZarchitetti, with its band of creatives, will be one of the thriving forces that determine the outcome of new structures. We plan on embodying the knowledge of our craft in physical spaces to shape other people’s experiences. Coming up with engaging and fascinating new ideas is all part of our ultimate goal to represent the era’s culture within timeless architecture.

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