Having access to luxury is less about enjoying each moment and treating them as priceless. Similarly, when people own a supercar, it’s never to just drive it but to relish the experience that it provides and the beauty it adds to one’s home. SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* developed the concept of Supercar Capsule – a private showroom that gives you a display-worthy for your car, at home. Besides being a luxury-oriented garage and showroom, it can also become a dedicated auto-room display for your home.

This bespoke idea is the brainchild of ASZarchitetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*. Both the firms are creative branches of the ASZarchitetti Group, one of the leading consultants for the luxury construction industry. ASZarchitetti Group is responsible for over 400 projects across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Bringing the concept of an in-house showroom as an integral interior design choice was an unprecedented move, but the Supercar Capsule is faster, reliable, and more affordable than one can fathom.

The project is an embodiment of 20 years worth of expertise, as both brands create the necessary foundation for successful execution. SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* supplies the imaginative design and latest technology. Meanwhile, ASZarchitetti made it a practical reality through engineering and functionality. Together, both firms offer luxury car owners a way to incorporate their automobile as part of the design in their home and ultimately take care of all the delivery process. Supercar Capsule is, in fact, a turnkey solution.

A Customized Supercar Capsule

As form believers of making clients a part of the design process, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* and ASZarchitetti offer unique customization. After all, what is luxury, if not the idea of something custom-made? So while they begin with four templates, there’s limitless potential for customization and individuality to be pursued in each design.

Whether you want to integrate the showroom as part of your home, remodel your garage as an enclosed space, or create a detached box with glass walls, such options are available. Each template gives you a unique opportunity to revel in the experience of owning a luxury car so that even when it’s not on the road, its beauty is appreciated.  

Clients will have control over different aspects, while other features are dependent on the space available on the property.

Since the idea of a Supercar Capsule is abstract, each execution will be unlike the previous. With the options to add different accents that enhance your experiences, such as artwork, a bar, or any memorabilia, you can personalize owners can personalize theirs to a great extent.

Of course, customization doesn’t just include style and aesthetics, as both firms involved allow for different options in terms of equipment. This includes UVC sanitizer lighting, electric plugs for e-cars, dynamometer for speed and power measurement, A/C unit, smoke extractors, and sound-absorbing walls to run the engine safely. Then there’s also rotating platforms or elevating platforms, solar panels, and flex mirrors; the choices are endless. So the customization is just as dependent on the kind of car as it is on the owner’s personality. This just proves that the Supercar Capsule is the epitome of luxury design that offers a refined way of enjoying one’s automobile collection.

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