Asciano Country House

“New Life to an Heritage Farmers House, with all the comforts of Contemporary Lifestyle”

Surrounded by an astonishing landscape, equipped with a natural pond, this farmhouse is located in the area of “Crete Senesi”, southern Tuscany. The project consisted of the full rebuilding from the ruins of a heritage farmers’ house.

The main idea was to incorporate a modern approach while respecting the rural and traditional architecture in such historically significant area. Refusing a mimicking attitude, we decided to take obvious inspiration from the original building yet making explicit the contemporaneity of our intervention. Frameless windows, super-thin metal cornices at the openings, existing materials reused in a modern fashion, they are the most visible characteristics of this project. Such design approach guided us throughout the whole process: construction works are executed following the traditional methods, yet supported by a robust system of new generation technology that led to high engineering standards, either in thermal performances and structural adherence to the latest anti-seismic codes.