The Dubai Mall – Fashion Avenue Expansion

“Simply Excellence…”

The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue Expansion, is one of the most prestigious projects by the giant developer EMAAR.

In the heart of downtown Dubai, adjacent to the world’s tallest tower, one of the biggest challenges of the project was to reshape such a profitable shopping mall, without affecting the ongoing sales operations.

That condition made the project extremely complex. Nevertheless, EMAAR wanted for this expansion unique shops, unparalleled in size and ambient to any others in the Luxury Brand’s network.

Major structural works, cultured FLS and HVAC provisions, ambitious space planning and safety procedures were the most significant challenges we faced for this job.

We have been lucky enough to be entrusted for a large portion of the development, for a total surface of around 7,000 sq mt, covered by eight brands, among which Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Cova.

We have hold duties as Design Developers, Resident Architects, and site coordinators, with a daily active presence on site, for about two years.





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